Replica 2013/14 Umbro Away Shirt

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Replica 2013/14 Umbro Away Shirt

I say this all the time but did 2013 ever really happen? Like, actually occur. Did we live through it and experience it? Do things, taste things, spend money. How could it? Did we really play, and lose, against Colwyn Bay, Vauxhall Motors, Histon et al? We did, obviously, it's a matter of historical record. But, also, we didn't really did we? We can't have.

This is the shirt we wore (apparently) in that glorious first season in the sixth division (north). It's a homage to probably our most famous shirt of all time the Argentina'. It's probably one of the most popular of the past 20 years, certainly from the non-league days.

Size M, generally sound condition with just the odd loose thread and pull. It's a banger.