Replica 2020/21 Puma home shirt

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Replica 2020/21 Puma home shirt

I always go on about 2020/21, don't I? Just how much of a grim spectacle it was. Not only were we dealing with the spectre of a global pandemic for the first time in a century, we were also forced to ensure Stevie Rusk and his tepid tap water brand of football. A dry breadstick in a magnolia-painted room. A new build starter home riddled with defects built on the side of an A-road. An entry level 3-series financed up to the eyeballs.

This is the very shirt we wore during such wholesome encounters as 0-0 at home to Aldershot, 0-0 at home to Notts County and 0-0 at home to Bromley.

Anyway! Get over it. Size L, fantastic condition. Not really anything to mention.

I thought these were dead common but this is the first ever one I've had for sale, so what do I know?