Replica 2021/22 Puma Away Shirt

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Replica 2021/22 Puma Away Shirt

It's been a year now. 365 days, almost, of life. Of experiences. Of not working out every possible way we could blow it and Wrexham could catch it. Of knowing that we actually did do it and 15th May 2022 was one of the most significant days in our history. Of that bloke stood on the roof of the Albert on Castle Street.

This is our away shirt from the 2021/22 season. But you know that already. Chesterfield, Solihull, Halifax (lol), Wrexham (lol). Great days.

Size XL, supreme condition. One very faint and barely noticeable small mark on the lower back but you really can't even see it unless looking for it.

A future classic.