Replica 2017/18 Joma Away Shirt BNWT

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Replica 2017/18 Joma Away Shirt BNWT

For all the good 2017/18 gave us (Jason Oswell pre-Christmas, Matty Warburton, the arrival of Sam Walker, battering FC United at home 4-1 in this shirt), there was also a fair bit of bad (Jason Oswell post-Christmas, Bohan Dixon, the Chorley play-off non-event).

Thankfully, most of the good took place in this shirt. Sam Minihan said it was one of his favourites. And if it's good enough for him, it should be good enough for you. It's become one of the rarest County shirts of the non-league fever dream/bin fire so don't dither.

Size M. Absolutely mint. It's still tagged. Never been worn, barely ever seen the light of day. It's still got the fold lines in from the factory. You won't find another of these in as good condition.