Replica 2014/15 Joma Third Shirt Signed

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Replica 2014/15 Joma Third Shirt Signed

Did we even exist in 2014/15? I'm sure we did on some purely administrative level but as an actual functioning football club that created memories, experiences, game that we can look back on? Nah. We were just a team name in a league.

On the back of that, here's probably our most forgotten shirt of all time. At the next exhibition of our shirts, in 50 years time, people will step back from this one. Stroke their chin. 'I don't remember that one!', they'll say. And they won't. Because we didn't exist.

Anyway, here it is. Immaculate condition, size L. Fully signed by lots of players who apparently played for us in the 2014/15 hinterland.

Said this before and I'll keep saying it. These are the gems of the future. The shirts from when we didn't exist.