Replica 1991/92 Gola Home Shirt L

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Replica 1991/92 Gola Home Shirt L

You've been thinking about this, I bet. I shouldn't wonder.

'He's not had one a Cobra Lager shirt up for a while. Thinks he's the boss of County shirts, I've not seen him sell one of those. Who does he think he is'.

Well, behold. Here we go. The very shirt to satisfy that craving. To scratch that itch. To fill that particular gap in your collection.

It's a frankly unbelievable 33 years old and it's here and ready for you to snap up.

Size L. Outstanding condition. I've had a few of these in the past in various states and this is by far and away the cleanest. The material has the intended heavyweight feel to it and there's still a certain sheen to it. The crest, sponsor and logos are all bright, vibrant and in tact. No missing letters here. The buttons are firm and the collar still has a stiffness to it.

The only flaw is a tiny pin prick hole next to the buttons. I've included a hugely zoomed in photo to show you but you really won't notice it when it's on.

This is the first one of these I've had in about 2/3 years so they don't come up often. Don't dither.