Replica 1990/91 Ribero Away Shirt

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Replica 1990/91 Ribero Away Shirt

When you woke up today, what was on your mind? 'Almost the weekend, one more day to go'. Treat yourself to an M&S lunch, maybe. Knock off early, down tools at 4:15. Maybe occasionally check Slack on your phone to appear logged in. I bet you weren't prepared for this.

Nipping for a 'quick one'. Then two more. The tipping point. Home, or out til 3am. Checking your phone, the idea of purchasing a £340 football shirt getting ever more appealing. 'He's charging too much for that!'. But you keep checking. Looking back. Using the little zoom feature. Just imagine wearing it for Gillingham (H) in August. Catwalking down Castle Street in the sun. Nobody can touch you. It's only money, innit? £340 is a small price to pay when somebody gives you the nod or double glances at the shirt. Worth every penny.

We can only once experience things for the first time. Truly experience them. This is one of those occasions. Nestled twixt Battle of the Boyne and St Swithins Day, the day the set was completed. This is the only replica shirt we've ever had that I've not previously had up for sale. It's a literal 1 in 1000 shirt.

To business. 1990/91 Ribero away shirt. Size L. 9.5/10 condition. There's a couple of tiny nicks and one loose thread on the back. That's it. It's almost 35 years old. You won't find another and you certainly won't find one in this condition.

A promotion-winning away shirt in outrageous condition. It's one of our best ever and this is one of very few chances you'll ever have to own one.