Replica 1989/90 Ribero Away Shirt

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Replica 1989/90 Ribero Away Shirt

It's coming, isn't it? You know what I mean.

The 8am trains from Piccadilly. 'Do you want a can, mate?' You look at your watch, it's 08:06 as the Avanti hurtles through Heaton Chapel. 'Sod it, why not' as you crack a tin of Neck Oil, straight from the ambient aisle of Piccadilly Sainsbury's. It's not warm, but it's definitely not chilled. Doesn't matter. It's an April away day in London, you're on the cans pre-9am. This is it. The Promotion Push is here. We meet again. And there's absolutely no feeling like it.

We've danced with it many times in recent years, occasionally managing to get the better of it. But every February when it rears its head, when the winter evenings give way to warmer skies and you're stuck on some regional A-road desperate to make kick off it becomes all consuming. It's out year. It's got to be.

Memories that last a lifetime. Chesterfield in 97, Peterborough in 08, Chester in 19 and Chesterfield (again) in 22. You'll tell your kids, and they'll tell their kids. You were there. And what better turn out than strutting about in this. One of the finest shirts I've ever had up for sale on this site.

The glorious 1989/90 Ribero Sovereign Rubber away shirt. The iconic sponsor, classic old school County badge and long sleeves make this arguably our coolest ever shirt.

Size L, beautiful condition. If I'm being very picky then slight discolouring to the sponsor but that's about it.

Absolutely iconic and old school County. As good as it gets. The Promotion Push is coming. Get yourself ready for it.