Prototype 2018/19 Joma GK shirt

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Prototype 2018/19 Joma GK shirt

Hot on the heels of the prototype outfield shirts from 2018/19 comes this, the accompanying GK shirt. You've probably never seen this before, and you probably never will again. It's one of only two in existence and the other is staying with me in the collection.

Slick green and black design that was never used by the club, this is a really smart shirt. Parfetts sponsor and black heat pressed number 1 finish it off beautifully. Size XL. Pretty much perfect condition, just a bit creased where it's been in storage.


Included is a pair of green Joma shorts too. They were provided to demonstrate how the kit would look. Nice, hey?

A really rare chance to own a never-used prototype GK shirt from a title-winning season. You'll not get the chance again.