Player Issue 1996/97 adidas away shirt

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Player Issue 1996/97 adidas away shirt

Right, stop whatever you're doing and look at this.

Beautiful isn't it? An absolutely stunning player issue 1996/97 away shirt. You all know what happened in 96/97; Coca Cola Cup semis, promotion, FA Cup 4th round. And we did it in style in some of our best ever shirts.

And this is your chance to get a player issue away shirt from that glorious campaign.

Size XL, absolutely pristine condition with not a single defect to mention. Machine stitched sleeve patches which is a dead giveaway it came from the kit room. Long sleeves too which weren't commercially available.

Important bit coming up, so pay attention. This shirt was signed when I got it but I've spent the past week very carefully getting rid of the signatures. The picture in this listing was taken about an hour ago and is an honest reflection of how the shirt looks now. If you're an absolute pedant and hold the shirt up to direct light there are very faint traces of the signatures but it honestly just looks like the light bouncing off the shirt when it's hung up.

I hate signed stuff and avoid signed shirts but I'd be very happy to accept this, it's incredibly faint.

This is genuinely a once in a decade opportunity to get on of these. I've never had one for sale before and doubt I will again.