Player Issue 2020/21 Puma Home GK Shirt

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Player Issue 2020/21 Puma Home GK Shirt

I've had well over a thousand replica County shirts pass through my hands over the last few years. Most I've seen plenty of times before, some make me think 'don't see those often' but there's not many where I think 'I should actually keep hold of this, haven't ever seen another before'. This is one such shirt. The 20/21 keeper shirt worn by the GOAT and, occasionally, Josh Barnes. Remember him?

These weren't ever available to buy as replicas, except in kids sizes. I'm not exaggerating the point to say this is probably one of only a couple of spares anywhere in the world. I've got Hinchliffe's regular season one, I've got his West Ham one too. There'll be one out there for Barnes, and probably an unnamed/unnumbered spare for the kit bag and that's it. For the avoidance of doubt, there is not a name/number on the back, nor any league sleeve patches (there is the NHS sleeve sponsor though). Ultra, ultra rare.

Size XXL, probably fits more like a traditional XL. Pristine condition.

I really am toying with the idea of keeping this, it's that rare. It's a beaut. The only replica keeper shirt I can ever remember seeing since 2015, certainly the only one of the Vita/Puma era. A ridiculous find.