Player Issue 1999/00 Patrick Away Shirt

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Player Issue 1999/00 Patrick Away Shirt

A shirt forever associated with one of our finest ever nights, the 2-1 win at Maine Road. What a shirt this. And the player issue features make it even better.

Size XL, supreme condition. Virtually no defects at all.

Features correct size and style original from the time Football League numbers and Nationwide League sleeve patches - it does look like an old set of sleeve patches were applied and a fresh set put over the top. Either way, neither the patches or name sets were available to buy commercially.

Above the number it does look as if there has been a name at some point but this has long gone and there's only a slight trace left. Gannon wore 16 this season but I've no way of knowing if this is his shirt or not. It's definitely player issue, likely a reserve shirt where we didn't use names.

All of that adds up to a really strong shirt. A replica in this condition would cost £100+, you may as well bag yourself something special with patches and numbers.