Match Worn 2020/21 Puma Third Shirt

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Match Worn 2020/21 Puma Third Shirt

I know what you're expecting here. Some reference to streaming games behind closed doors, the pandemic, a little dig at Steve Rusk. Too easy. Done it all before.

Instead, let's focus on the shirt. There's a lot to admire. A rich and bountiful shade of yellow, no doubt referred to as laser sunburst or atomic dhansak. To the purists, it's just fluorescent. Never worn in front of a proper crowd, except in that weird tiered hinterland when we beat Bromley 2-0.

Anyway, worn by Liam Hogan in his first full season with the club. The captain. Size L. Generally good condition, usual nicks and loose threads you'd expect from being worn by a fifth division defender.

Features correct size and style name set and Vanarama sleeve patch, neither of which were available commercially.