Match Worn 2008/09 Diadora Home Shirt

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Match Worn 2008/09 Diadora Home Shirt

Chris O'Grady. Chris Old Lady, as we amusingly used to call him. No idea how good we had it, did we?

We'd scowl at a goalless draw at home to Leicester. Leicester! Premier League champions less than a decade later. Question Jim as manager after a 2-2 draw with Colchester, Matty McNeil literally hospitalised because of an errant elbow. Upper reaches of League One. Tommy Rowe, Carl Baker, Gary Dicker. And still we'd moan.

Had something to properly moan about a few years later though. When the Skrill North circus pulled up in town and we were the main attraction. We'd quite happily take a 2-2 draw with Colchester at that point. We never learn do we?

ANYWAY! Chris Old Lady's home shirt from 2008/09. He couldn't score. He really tried, and he had a ferocious shot. But ultimately wayward. But this is his shirt. Worn by the man himself.

Size XL, all the usual match worn goodness. Correct size and style name set, Coca Cola sleeve patches and big Egan Reid back of shirt sponsor, none of which were available commercially .

Beaut of a shirt this from the last knockings of the Jim Gannon boom years.