Match Worn 2004/05 TFG Third Shirt

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Match Worn 2004/05 TFG Third Shirt

Here we go. This ticks a lot of boxes. A shirt we only wore on a handful of occasions, never available to buy as a replica, plastic single-season sleeve patches, a bit of a forgotten player. It's got it all.

The fabled 2004/05 third shirt. Knocked up at the last minute as it hadn't occurred to anyone that a blue home shirt and white away would lead to several clashes over the season, although we did weirdly wear this at Swindon too.

It's actually a Clyde shirt with our crest (badly) applied over the top. As I say, these were never available to buy as replicas so there aren't many about.

Size XL, match worn by Kevan Hurst. Correct size name set and those plastic Coca Cola sleeve patches.

Ultra rare shirt from the mid-2000s Coca Cola Football League days.