Match Issue 2005/06 TFG Away shirt

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Match Issue 2005/06 TFG Away shirt

We obviously plumbed unimaginable depths during The Banter Years ™️ of 2011-2022 but back in 2005 it was hard to imagine just how bad we were. Just three and a half years after playing in the second tier, we were rock bottom of the Football League. 92nd out of 92. Lost 6-0 at Macc, lol.

Enter Jim Gannon to save us. Gone were the forsaken donkeys like Ludovic Dje, Harpal Singh and Danny Boshell, laters lads 👋 In their place were honest pros and promising youngsters, one of which was Aidan Collins from Ipswich, I think. Haven't checked, but sure it was. Anyway, this is his match issue away shirt from the latter part of 2005/06. He played three games for us but all in the blue home shirt.

Size XL, pretty much mint condition. Barely any signs of wear at all. Features correct size and style Football League nameset, Coca Cola league sleeve patches, neither of which were available commercially, and back of shirt sponsor that was only on player shirts. Slick long sleeves round off a treat of a shirt.