Match Issue 1997/98 adidas away shirt

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Match Issue 1997/98 adidas away shirt

Look at this! Super slick, super signed adidas away shirt from our glory days back in the second tier.

More signatures than you can shake a stick at, this has been tagged by some of our biggest ever names. Not only that, but it's ex-player issue stock and comes complete with professionally heat pressed official Nationwide sleeve patches. Oh my. But wait! There's more! It's in absolutely mint condition. Properly never been worn. There's even a little sticker on the inside of the shirt from the time that shows it's never been worn/washed. There is a v. small, v. faint little mark on the sponsor block but you can barely see it.

Size XL. Did I mention it was mint?

You'll not get another of these in this condition, complete with the sleeve patches.

For the avoidance of doubt, there is not a number on the back.